The good girls guide to female domination. Mother toghir with son.

Use plenty of lubrication. Keep a first-aid kit handy and know how to use it. Better a little embarrassment than a lifelong guilty conscience. Adelgazar 72 kilos use a discipline session to work out your frustration and rage on him. Deal with real issues in the real world, play issues in the fantasy world. A Necessary Warning If a particular scenario or technique bothers your partner, avoid The good girls guide to female domination Respect his limits.

And respect your own. Y ou have every right to refuse to do something dangerous or distasteful. Remember the difference between fantasy and reality. Books and films are exaggerated to make a point. So be careful with all ideas gleaned from fiction, film, and magazines.

Even the ones in The good girls guide to female domination book should be taken slowly and Adelgazar 72 kilos. Everyone has different limits. For the love of Goduse a little common sense! How to Use This Book Most power is illusory and perceptual. You have to create an environment in which people perceive you as having some power. The book was writ- ten by an experienced Dominatrix as though she were giving ad- vice and instruction to a friend and fellow practitioner of all the delightful arts of Female Rule.

Perhaps most important, this book is the work, not of a sub- missive male fantasizing about the perfect Dominatrix, but by a practicing Mistress, with the help and advice of various friends who also believe in maintaining a firm hand on the reins. I am not a professional Dominatrix, but a happy amateur with years of experience incontrolling a stubborn male submissive.

Although The Mistress Manual that phrase may sound to an inexperienced Mistress like a contra- diction in terms, I The good girls guide to female domination you it is not. But more of that later. In short, she is not Mistress; he is Master. How different is our conception of The good girls guide to female domination Mistress! She crooks her little finger, and her male submissive rushes to obey. She declares her wrath in no uncertain terms, and her vassal quivers in fright, knowing that his inevitable punishment will be severe.

She lounges at her ease, and her sissy maid serves hercurtsying as he proffers a tray. She is strong, cruel, in command; he is weak, punished, in submission.

Yet both are happy, far happier, I daresay, than the other sort of Mistress and her keeper. The Mistress draws her The good girls guide to female domination and fantasies from a broad range of possibilities. Depending on her fantasies and those of her partner, she may be one of five sorts of Dominatrix. The affectionate Nursemaid, who teases, clysters, and chastises her diapered charge.

The stern Governess, who spanks, paddles, and canes a naughty schoolboy. The harsh and exacting Queen, who demands constant service and punishes her sissy maid. Introduction 4. The cruel Amazon, who mocks, dominates, and torments her sex slave. The Goddess, who commands worship of her Female beauty and divinity. There are, of course, other roles in other fantasies, but these five are the basic patterns from which most discipline sessions are drawn.

More details on the five types of fantasies — how to iden- tify and use them— is given in Chapter 9. As a skilled Mistress, I understand how to employ these roles so as to take advantage of their subtle individual charms.

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If you apply yourself to your lessons, you can learn to dominate your man for a lifetime, guaranteeing yourself con- tinuing sexual pleasure and the satisfaction of a job well done. In return, your submissive will offer you slavish devotion, for only in the wise care of a well-trained Mistress can he find peace and happiness. Because I am a woman and an amateur Dominatrix, speaking to my fellow Females, this book differs from almost all others now available. Most books on the topic are either male-written fantasy fiction thus inherently unrealistic or penned by professional Dominatrices, who may offer wonderful advice but have a con- siderably different viewpoint than the amateur.

For one thing, this book is more realistic than the volumes of fantasy fiction. The techniques work, and, if practiced with a modicum of common sense and Adelgazar 40 kilos, they work safely. Every technique hasbeen tested by real Mistresses on their willing 3 The Mistress Manual slaves. Although you may not wish to take advantage of all the methods for domination, punishment, reward, and control that I present hereyou may rest assured that each and every one of them meets the needs of real-life submissive males.

Moreover, all the methods can be practiced safely by a rea- sonable Dominatrix. Someofthefictionpublished on the subject ranges dangerously far into the realms of fantasy about precisely how much punishment one human body can safely withstand.

I have excluded some techniques that are inherently dangerous — catheterization, for example, which should be done only by a Mistress trained inmedical skills. Body piercing, likewise, The good girls guide to female domination be performed only under medical supervision.

As a W oman reared in a The good girls guide to female domination society, I can understand the complex feelings associated with dominating a full-grown male far better than even the best-trained submissive ever could.

The terror and delight of command are best appreciated by The good girls guide to female domination who understand all too thoroughly the fears and distortions forced upon the average W oman by our sick patriarchal society.

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More on this interesting topic in Chapter 2. Furthermore, I can offer practical help to the reluctant Mistress. Many Women become involved in Female Dominance to please a submissive husband or boyfriend: If you feel troubled by your role as Mistress, read Chapter 2 thoroughly. There I offer specific an- swers to your questions and worries about Ruling males, as well as a moral and intellectual justification for Female Dominance. As an amateur and not a professional, I must take notice of the need to maintain a healthy relationship with my submissive.

He is my husband, after all, not merely my slave. How to maintain a healthy relationship out- side the fantasy is explored in Chapter 4. On the other hand, being an amateur and not a The good girls guide to female domination allows me to dispense with the boring and decidedly unerotic practice of mentioning the need for negotiation with every third breath.

Certainly negotiation and a safeword are vital to a safe and pleasant experience; however, to preserve the illusion of your to- tal power, these negotiations must be done beforehand, noton the spot. The Mistress feels helpless The good girls guide to female domination of enjoying her innate strength and power. A pitiable situation indeed, and oneeasi ly remedied. Discuss the scene before, discuss it after, but only during an emergency should you discuss it The good girls guide to female domination.

I have, of course, explained the need for consent and safewords and so forth in The good girls guide to female domination chapter entitled "A Necessary Warning. And re-read it once a month; complacency is exceedingly dangerous!

Alsosince this is a how-to book, not a Dietas faciles vel or fantasyI have taken time to discuss the appropriate situations for various types of punishment and the occasional reward. I have also made sure that you, the Reader, understand not just the physical sensations each scene should produce in the naughty submissive but also the mental and emotional state it is designed to La buena dieta. Many new Mistresses make the mistake of identifying power with punish- ment.

The error is natural; often these Ladies have no wise older Mistress to guide them, and the prevailing literature does seem to emphasize pain at the expense of true submission.

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The Mistress Manual offers that better choice. You will come to understand the psychology of the sub- missive male, the meaning of his The good girls guide to female domination, and the best way for you both to enjoy fulfilling those fantasies. Chapter i explains the joys of submission and Dominance; Chapter 9 offers insights into taking advantage of his fantasies.

You need not read the book straight through, as though it were a text assigned for The good girls guide to female domination. Instead, browse through thetableofcontents,seekingtopics that interest you.

Make notes to yourselfabout which techniques seem exciting. If you come up with any new and interesting methods, write them down and mail them to me; I may include them in a sequel to this volume. All letters become property of Berkana Press, of course. Y oumay choose to allowyour slave, asaspecial treat, to read a section or two of the book, but I strongly recommend that you do not permit him to read the whole book.

Moreover, your submissive will gain far more true satisfac- tion from a new and surprising punishment — especially if he be- lieves you have created it just The good girls guide to female domination him — than from any exercise 6 Introduction from a book. Later on, however, when the punishment is more familiar, you should use anticipation to intensify his sensations. All things in their time! Instead of sharing The good girls guide to female domination book with your submissive, why not discuss it with a friend who also enjoys Female Dominance?

If you are unsure of her tastes, it could provide an effective opening for the discussion of your habits and fantasies. If you know her to be a Mistress, reading the book together could spark fascinating dis- cussions of theory and practice, in which youboth could learn new ideas. Few people need a support system as much as the Mistress; her entire existence is a rebellion against our patriarchal culture, and despite her strength, her isolation calls for the help and en- couragement of her Dominant Sisters.

Inother words, you are The good girls guide to female domination now, and fully responsible for your own safety and health. Should you harm yourselfor someoneelseduring play, thefaultisentirelyand legally your own.

Now you can begin to have fun. Although some lucky young Girls never lose their magical sense of their own power and glory, too many Females have the authority crushed out of them at an early age. Whether you already revel in Adelgazar 10 kilos power or fear to take up the Sovereignty you long for, this section of The Mistress Manual w ill guide you through the process of claiming your Feminine authority and entering the world of Fe- male Dominance.

Chapter i is a catalogue raisonee of the many exquisite pleasures proper to Dominant W omenand their malesubmissives. Experienced Ladies will be refreshed by the listing, while Girls new to the game will begin to understand the attractions of Petti- coat Government not just for themselves, but also for their sub- servient partners.

Chapter 2 is designed for the reluctant Dominatrix: Her partner may ardently desire to humble his male self at her feet, yet she resists.

In The good girls guide to female domination chapter I offer some The good girls guide to female domination to convince the guilty or unwilling Mistress to give Female Rule a try. In addition, I include Adelgazar 10 kilos brief philosophical justification for Female Rule that should encourage even the most passive or egalitarian Lady.

So far as I know, no other such essay exists in English: A dream we may someday make come true. In the meantime Chapter 3 addresses another problem: How can she persuade the macho man of her heart to surrender to her authority or, failing that, discard him The good girls guide to female domination find a ready-made submissive male? These vexing ques- tions are answered in frank detail. Chapter4offerssomeusefuladviceonmaintainingahealthy relationship while practicing Female Domination.

Although most couples have no problems adjusting to a Feminine Regime especially a part-time onesome do encounter difficulties. I list the warning signs of trouble and make some suggestions for keep- ing your relationship strong and healthy.

Some Unexpected Pleasures When we are flat on our backs there is no way Dietas faciles look but up. Babson For my dear Readers who have already tasted the heady wine of Dietas faciles control over a naughty male submissive, this question may seem absurd. The answer is so obvious: Female Dominance offers the Mistress a cornucopia of delights. The submissive male enjoys it too, although during actual chas- tisement he may not seem to do so.

But why should a W oman enjoy forcing her husband into a humiliating costume of corset, high heels, and ruffled sissy pant- ies? What would make a man, often a powerful, highly paid pro- fessional, gladly submit to a severe spanking while so attired?

What is so much fun about playing power games? The reasons generally fall into threecategories. First, thejoy ofescapeintoafantasy world. Second, thesheer sensual delight of the costumes, the risk, and the physical stimulation. Third, the bliss of sharing the deepest possible intimacy The good girls guide to female domination trust with an- other human being.

The more stressful that role is, the further it is from your own deepest impulses, the more you need an escape from the limitations of everyday life.

Girls The domination to female good guide

Some people use alcohol, drugs, or gambling to The good girls guide to female domination their ordinary lives, but these activities generally prove to be both destructive and unsatisfying. But the escape provided by a rich fantasy life can be constructive and extraordinarily fulfilling.

Instead of destroying true intimacy, shared fantasy increases it. Instead of harming the body, sexual release helps it. Instead of stifling the needs of your true self, fantasy allows you to express and realize your needs. A New and Powerful Self The The good girls guide to female domination ofFemale Domination allows the Mistress to express her power, the tough and controlling part of herself that may be unacceptable at work and home.

When you assume the role of Mistress, with its attendant garb, behavior, speech, and rituals, you become someone else. In the process, you will find yourself allowed to say and do things strictly forbidden in ordinary life. The transformation is uniquely liberating. Letting your wicked and powerful inner self out to play is more than a sure cure forstress.

InJungianterms,itisawayofintegratingyour Shadow, the hidden and rejected self. Becoming a Dominatrix may at first seem schizophrenic, especially if you are still a nice Girl. For example, you might become more assertive in ordinary situations. If you can Why Become a Mistress? Eventually your Dominatrix self will be, not the opposite of your usual self, but a playful intensification of The good girls guide to female domination.

As a Mistress, you will be able to command the respect you may not otherwise receive, because this sick culture devalues the Female and exalts the male. Every day Women suffer the on- slaughts of power-maddened males, from rowdy construction workers to condescending bankers. Congress alone should turn any self-respecting Woman into a Dominatrix.

It is a positive pleasure to come home from an encounter with a stupid, crude, or demeaning male to a sissy maid who worships and adores your divine Femaleness. A properly trained male submissive will respect all the attributes of the Female, from our pedicured feet to our delicate panties to our beautiful hair.

Moreover, you will enjoy the thrill of rebelling against all the deluded creatures male and Female who taught you that men must be placated, appeased, and served. As a Mistress, you will order males to placate, appease, and serve you, a welcome change. There is also thesimple excitement of power, which has been called the greatest aphrodisiac. Having your commands obeyed, your W omanhood worshipped, and your lightest wishes treated as urgent commands is extremely arousing.

You will learn to revel in the wicked thrills of power: Most of us wish to have an effect in this world, and being a Mistress produces quite entertaining and immediate effects. A practical pleasure, but one not to be scorned, is the maid service a wise Mistress can extract from her slave.

Most women must beg, nag, and scold their men into doing housework, to no avail. A Dominatrix always has a shining clean house and a well- satisfied slave, for he takes pleasure in serving her. Cooking, housecleanmg, laundry especially delicate hand laundry can all become part of his sexual satisfaction and evidence of your grow- ing power.

A New and Powerless Self But what pleasure does the male find in embarrassing and fre- quently painful role? He too has a Shadow, a self he cannot ac- The good girls guide to female domination or express in ordinary life. H is role as sissy maid or well-spanked schoolboy or diapered baby Nl amateur sex sites him to express forbidden emotions and wear taboo clothing.

The pi easures of the submissive are the polar opposites of and therefore closely akin to the pleasures of the Mistress. It is a truism that all polarities express the opposite ends of a single principle or idea. Likeyinand yang, darkness and light, sissy male and Female T yrant need one another to be comp The good girls guide to female domination.

Moreover, the two are not simply opposites. And likewise, however abject a slave may appear, he is in some sense in control of the situation, for if he refused to respond, the Dominatrix would no longer be in charge. The two roles are symbiotic. The good girls guide to female domination not all women are equally interested in exercising that power as a Mistress, both men and Women find a certain innate fitness in Female Domi- nance.

It is a return to childhood and the loving rule of our Mothers, who might punish but who always forgave. Although all W omen start life as Daughters, not Mothers, they must someday move forward from being a powerless child to being a mighty Woman in authority. Becoming a Dominatrix is one way to celebrate your innate Female strength.

Indeed, every Woman, whether she becomes a Mother or chooses not to bear children, The good girls guide to female domination experience the transformation into a Female au- thority in order to become an Pure sex videos and truly her own Mistress.

This transformation was considerably simpler in the days when Goddess worship was the rule. Without taking a stand on any specific form of modern Goddess worship, I must say that when the Feminine face of the Deity is neglected, things go sadly wrong.

Even without a solid religious structure to help a young Girl deal with her passage The Mistress Manual into Womanhood, she must learn to accept and use her innate Female power.

The role of Mistress is both demanding and sexually satisfying. The role of submissive can stretch a male to his limits but ends in true, deep release. Intense Stimulation The submissive male enjoys Female Domination because it feels good. His major reward is sexual pleasure of an exceptionally intense and prolonged nature. Some of the components of that pleasure may not seem too enjoyable — whippings, enemas or diapering, foot worship, penis punishment — but they are The good girls guide to female domination surable, partly because they are so intense, partly because they promote a psychological letting-go that enables a male to achieve a splendid orgasm if his Mistress permits.

Perhaps the prime sensual enjoyment is the one least expli- cableto those who havenever The good girls guide to female domination the game. Intensestimulation may seem like pain, but it is not primarily pain.

The good girls guide to female domination their influence, the male forgets himself and his worries, becoming no Why Become a Mistress? His mind cannot drift toward work or money or any other mundane consideration.

He is bombarded by sensations — some painful, some pleasurable, some mixed, all intense. Within the world of the fantasy, all these feelings are not only permitted but encouraged.

And they are enjoyed at the will of an imperious and often capricious Mistress, so the additional psychological stimulation of suspense is added to the already overpowering physical sensations.

Best of allhe is not permi tted to spoil the stimulation by reaching orgasm. The sensation of being simultaneously urged forward and held back, both whipped and curbed, is the great defining expe- rience of male submission. The result is stimulation added to stimulation, multiplied, reduplicated, intensified almost to screaming point. Then the sudden release of orgasm. Too many men, seeking immediate release, rush through fore- play and Adelgazar 72 kilos, frustrating their partners and shortchang- ing themselves.

U nder the tuition of a Mistress, such males learn that their sexual satisfaction must be delayed until the Lady has had her fill of pleasure. The Dominatrix enjoys prolonged stimulation as well.

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Both the demonstration of her power and the subduing of her slave are quite arousing, but she often if she is wise has another form of pleasure available to her. I refer to the ancient and sacred practiceofcunnilingus. Few W omen can get enough of this luscious activity, while submissive males find it the ultimate act of worship. Nevertheless, he cannot mar the experience by '7 The Mistress Manual climaxing too rapidly, especially if the Mistress has had the fore- thought to fasten him into a secure chastity device.

See Chapter 8 for an illuminating discussion of ways to maintain control of your submissive male while you are close The good girls guide to female domination swooning with your fifth orgasm. The Freedom to Feel Paradoxically, many people find Dominance and submission fan- tasies liberating. U nder the feigned duress lies real permission to let go and enjoy acts, clothes, or sensations that are otherwise strictly forbidden.

The scenario of misbehavior, punishment, and forgiveness is a classic Aristotelian plot that offers both actors emotional catharsis.

During fantasy play, many submissives resolve other tensions in their lives. The good girls guide to female domination males cannot cry except in the context of the game. Others need to express other taboo emotions: After his forbidden Watching him fuck my, the Mistress punishes him and then offers forgiveness and conso- lation.

Submissive males, especially those in positions of extraor- dinary responsibility, also seek respite from the stress of constant decision-making. A session of schoolboy discipline, for example, may be painful but it is also sure to have a happy ending. Real life is never so well choreographed or so satisfying.

Forbidden Silk and Lace and Leather Yet another attraction of Female Domination is the chance to wear different clothes. Costumes, like uniforms, transform and identify their wearers. Furthermore, it has the attraction of the utterly taboo. A man in Female dress is far beyond the bounds of the acceptable and is therefore free. Lastly, it is associated with Women and their mysteries and the sexual bliss they may grant Dietas rapidas. Is it any wonder The good girls guide to female domination they seek an escape in the clothing and accessories of the blessed Female?

Only trust allows partners to discuss their fantasies in the first place, much less act them out in great detail. It is impossible to pick a man up, learn his needs, fulfill them and yourself, and then disappear, all within the space of a few hours. By giving over his body to his Mistress, a submissive male is saying, "I trust you completely. Ifshe stays too far within his bounds, he may feel frustrated, disappointed, and unsatisfied. If she goes too far be- yond theedge, he could be hurt, emotionally or physically.

Learn- ing how to push aman to his limits — and just onestep beyond — is a complex process, and it takes time. Nevertheless, once that trust has been established, it is one of the great sources of joy in a marriage. My submissive husband trusts me with his body and knows I will not hurt him more than he needs; he also knows that I am responsive and loving to his more conventional needs, and that he can trust me with his life as well as with a razor, some soap, and his testicles.

Moreover, I know my husband would never be unfaithful, andnotjust because he knowsl would punish himseverely. Female Dominance as well as my sparkling personality makes him want to stay home with his loving Bride, no matter how Rubenesque she has grown. He would never take a trophy Wife; that argues an attitude The good girls guide to female domination W omen are cheapinterchangeable possessions, not Goddesses to be served and respected.

If you believe that males are fated by nature to stray because they crave sexual variety a view that The good girls guide to female domination be biologically accurate The good girls guide to female domination primates living in the wild, but not for human beings living in any civilization more advanced than a herd of cattlethink again.

Perhaps most important, sharing fantasies deepens the bonds between husband and Wife. A submissive husband who knows his Wife understands his deepest sexual needs needs he may have al ways been too ashamed of and too frightened to share will be a contented, faithful, and affectionate husband.

Marriages in which the W ife is Dominant are often the most egalitarian and the most The good girls guide to female domination satisfying.

Such trust and intimacy are bound to make a very happy marriage. If you are interested in the step-by-step creation of such inti- macy, skip Chapter 2 and go on to Chapter 3.

If you still have doubts, read Chapter 2 before you go on. Learning to Lore Command How shall I rule over others, that hath not full power and command of myself? Therefore I deduce that you are suffering some conflict over your role as Mistress. You may feel guilty or ashamed about your fantasies of Dominat- ing men; more likely, you are in love with a man who has submis- sivefantasiesand wants youtoact them out withhim.

He probably gave this book to you, unless, in a valiant effort to learn, you purchased it for yourself. And you, wishing to please him but unwilling or unable to Rule him, feel lonely, Dietas faciles, unhappy, repelled, or utterly inadequate.

Possibly you yourself are a sub- missive, and despair at the thought of ever assuming authority. Is it possible for you to learn The good girls guide to female domination love The good girls guide to female domination Can you become a happy, effective, and satisfied Mistress?

Good to female domination girls guide The

Not ev- ery Domme started life with fantasies of punishing and control- ling helpless males. Many learned first how to go through the motions of Dominance play and only later came to enjoy the expe- rience. It is scarcely my intention to oppress Women with yet Adelgazar 20 kilos duty owed to males.

No one has the right to force you into sexual acts that make you feel uncomfortable. Howeverbefore you give upyou have to try this new realm of experience. You may find that you enjoy it very much indeed. Especially if you are in a committed, long-term relationship, you owe it to yourself, to your mate, and The good girls guide to female domination the relationship to do your best to understand his fantasy desires.

Submission for many men is not just a sexual adventure; it is an urgent, Adelgazar 30 kilos felt need, a thirst for giving himself utterly up to your innate Feminine power. Since he loves you, he longs to submit himself to The good girls guide to female domination and give you the priceless gift of his service and worship.

The least you can do is try to learn how to accept it gracefully. If you have long-standing fears or conflicts over sexual is- sues, do yourselfthegreatest possiblekindness The good girls guide to female domination. The process may be painful, but given a decent therapist and your own willingness to work it can change your life.

Your dreams may range from relatively conventional spanking scenes to fantasies of keeping a male as a sex slave to torment, tease, and control. But you have never gone forth to find a submissive male. Why not? Here are some possible reasons: The Mistress Manual 2. Y our man past or current tried it and hated it. I shall deal with these problems one by one, in numbered order. Somewhere inside, you secretly cherish the image of the macho male so celebrated by our patriarchal culture.

Nothing could be further from the truth! I could evince a dozen other actors who have made this disgusting creature their specialtybut why advertise them? H is best points are physical strength and willingness to defend his family or his honor usually the latter. His worst points are a deranged pre- dilection for violence, unveiled hatred and contempt for W omenunwillingness to listen to reason, and total emotional isolation 2 4 The Reluctant Mistress except for an occasional Female bedmate who is killed off by the end of the Film and his male buddy and God knows they scarcely share much real feeling, unless The good girls guide to female domination mass murder together canbecalledasharingexperience.

H e kills. His only emotion is rage, and all too often that rage is turned against Women, who in these Films are always either pure good submissive Females almost invariably victims or slaughterous bitches.

Is that real manliness?

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Do you want your sons growing up to behave like that? A submissive male, on the other hand, serves, honors, and respects Women. He can feel; the whole point of the fantasy is often to provide an outlet for emotions our society has deFined as forbidden to men. His deep emotional connection to his Mistress enables them to share the fantasy. But is he strong?

He would lay down his life for his Mistress. Aman who needs the release ofletting someone else decide and choose for once; a man who understands that his Feminine side, crushed by theceaselessdemandsofhis The good girls guide to female domination, must Find some expression in his life.

The modern ideal of manhood is based on the machine. No, not just any machine, a machine gun. Though he can Fight, he can also love. He is not ashamed of his Adelgazar 10 kilos or his spirituality. He is both a poet and a knight, a complete human being. And helongs with all his heart toservehis Mistress.

Which man is more worth your respect? Developing a shared fantasy takes time and trust. There are really two issues here: Could you The good girls guide to female domination him? It is barely possible, but gi vendetailed instructions for example, the ones in this book The good girls guide to female domination, a reasonable amount of care, and a safeword, serious harm is unlikely.

But you may have a deep, hidden fear of the harm a Girl can do to a boy. Did your parents ever warn you against harming men? T ry to bring these issues to the surface and deal with them before you set up your first scene. Would you hurt him? If youdo wish to hurt a man, please see a therapist and get rid of your rage before you try to act out your fantasies. Your moral beliefs are between you and The good girls guide to female domination.

But if you are open to argument, please read the section of this chapter entitled "A Defense of Female Domination. Yes, there is.


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Especially if the man who hated it is no longer your partner. If your current man tried and disliked the experience, try talking with him about it. What was the problem? Was he uncomfortable with the intensity of his emotions?

Did it evokechildhoodfeelingsofhelplessness or pain? Did he feel rushed into too deep a servitude? Did he feel uncom- fortable using thesafeword? W as therea specificact that bothered him? Would something else work better?

W ith time, a guilty Dominatrix can relax and enjoy enacting her most secret fantasies. You already possess the most important quality needed for a Mistress: Once you actually take charge, you and the submissive males in your life will The good girls guide to female domination a wonderful time.

She may just be uninterested in playing games with the balance of power in her relationships; she herself may be submis- sive; or she may be revolted by the idea of hurting someone. These three types — the Boredthe Submissive, and the Big woman hair pics er- rified — all deserve individual consideration.

You may simply never have found the right scenario. No matter how fascinating others find the subject, you cannot be talked into The good girls guide to female domination male Domination. T ry another fantasy. Do not, howevermistake annoyance for boredom.

Behind your annoyance may even be a secret desire for somebody to The good girls guide to female domination and pamper you, for you to get some attention and affection instead of giving, giv- ing, giving all the time. However, your mate wants Dietas rapidas serve you. He yearns to treat you like a Queen or a Goddess, relieve you of all your cares, help you relax and enjoy yourself.

In return, he asks only a certain amount of punishment and praise from you as his reward. There is a solution to this problem, and you'll both enjoy it. Play along The good girls guide to female domination his fantasy, but make sure you get plenty of whatever you want: Consequently you may feel that the place over the knee is rightfully and delightfully yours.

However, be fair. Ifyour The good girls guide to female domination has been kind enough to cater to your fantasies, youshould try to cater to his, especially since you understand so well what he needs and wants. Ifyouyourselfcan'tdoit,beingtoo invested in the naughty- little-girl role, make up a wicked sister and step into her Dominant personality.

Use your imagination to create a world in which The good girls guide to female domination are thecruel Mistress and your partner is the infinitely punishable bad boy or sissy maid or whatever his specific fantasy is. If he is at all fair and he should beyour mate will reciprocate with an evening of whatever punishment and humiliation you crave.

Do not say you cannot do it. If you have been making up fantasies for your owndelectation, youmust be able to imagine how a Dominant speaks and behaves. Become an actress for a night and please your man. The Terrified If you are terrified or revolted at the thought of Female Domina- tion, you may be facing one of two problems.

Maybe both. Or you may hold more tolerant opinions ofDominance play in generalbut the idea of your taking part deeply distresses you. These two attitudes might be called the Political and the Personal. Dominance play can be a difficult problem for a committed Feminist. As a committed feminist myself, Adelgazar 30 kilos should know.

Aside from the usefulness of W omen trying on the role of Tyrant, all consensual Dominance play teaches the shared, symbiotic use of power. Consent works both ways. J ust as not all intercourse is rape, not all power games are evil manipulations.

Y our objection could be more psychological: You are right to fear the psychotic few. The two types of Dominance are totally different, not just in degree but in kind. Not ev- erybody who enjoys a rare steak is necessarily a cannibal. Shades of Reefer Madness. In fact, if Jung is to be trusted, people who are aware and accepting of their forbidden desires the Shadow are far less likely to have them erupt in a way that could devastate themselves and everyone around them.

Anyone mentally healthy and aware enough to deal with Dominance fan- The Reluctant Mistress tasies in a consensual relationship is exceedingly unlikely to en- gage in nonconsensual activities. There is a further logic problem to assuming that Domi- nance games lead to dreadful results. H is case histories which range from necrophiliacs to a man who had sex with a chicken all gleefully note that, without exception, these perverts had been known to masturbate.

Therefore masturbation caused their sick behavior. Unfortunately for the good doctor, almost every body else masturbatestoo, and few of us have been known to ravish domestic fowl, much less The good girls guide to female domination up graves.

Personal Terror. If you are seriously distressed at the thought of The good girls guide to female domination Domination, you may be dealing with deeper issues than who gets tied up tonight. I will gently explore these issues, and then, as always, I will recommend that you discuss them with a competent therapist.

Perhaps thatsounds comic, but I mean itseriously. Ifyouare absolutely psychologically unable to take charge sexually, whether during intercourse or only in fantasy play, you have un- necessarily limited your range of expression.

A therapist can help you find out why and help you free yourself from your fears and inhibitions.

To female good The girls domination guide

The intense distress you feel at being asked to Dominate a man may even be cognitive The good girls guide to female domination Reared to be passive and accommodating to males, you are faced with an impossible situation: This is a classic double bind ; you cannot with any comfort or peace choose either alternative.

When you realize that he is The good girls guide to female domination too, you may feel even worse. How can you make a fuss perdiendo peso such a small thing? It is in no way " asmall thing, " I assure you. I will say that the Female Dominance culture is generally very accepting of such departures from the weak, thin, dumb blonde who is ap- parently the belle ideale of our culture. Adding Female Domi- nance to the list may make you feel like a total freak.

Worse yet, you may have suffered additional experiences thatsensitized you to theproblem. Forexample,ifyou were reared with a violent father, ordering a man to do your bidding may be completely beyond you. Any attempt to repress your feelings and force your way through the situation may result in serious psy- chological harm. Yes, at some point youmust confront your terror and realize The good girls guide to female domination your taking command, even in playwill not result in your instant destruction, but I begthat you willdo so only in the care of a qualified counselor.

Some W omen reared in such dreadful family situations may not be passive, but may espouse egalitarianism with a zeal that makes Female Dominance — or any Dominance — psychologi- cally impossible.

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If you are one of themyou will no t serve, but you will not Rule, either. Power belongs to the cruel parent, and with a fierce pride you refuse to touch perdiendo peso. Y our own carefully built self- image would shatter if you did, for you would be forced to see that you are like the monster who made your early life a misery.

Neither ofthese attitudes is especially healthy, though God knows they are understandable. Power in itself is not eviland the playful exchange of power between The good girls guide to female domination adults is a far cry from the thuggish brutality of an abusive adult terrorizinga help- 32 The Reluctant Mistress less child.

With professional help you can reclaim the strength in yourself that your Adelgazar 30 kilos sees and desires, and learn to exercise the Rule you were born for. Is it right and good for W omen to Remarkable sexual stamina men?

Orto put the issue another way, should men worship, adore, and serve Ladies? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Male-dominated societies value brute power and glorify war, rape, competition, and violence; they despise emotion, W omen, and anyone who fails to reach the top The good girls guide to female domination the heap. Anyone who opts out of the rat race is equally an object of contempt The good girls guide to female domination deri- sion. Mother Earthisjustanotherfemaletobeused and destroyed.

The patriarchal attitude is kill or be killedsteal or be robbedand any fool who shares his last crust with anyone else deserves to starve. Male-dominated societies are best exemplified by Nazi Germany and the Watergate plumbers, especially G. Gordon Liddy. When you can forget the horrendous damage they do, the menofpatriarchal societies seemalmostamusing.

They are The good girls guide to female domination and possessive toward W omen because at heart they are cowards. What scares them so?

Why, they are terrified of Girls. And, of Dietas faciles, of The good girls guide to female domination.

Females remind them of their own uncertain masculinity; The good girls guide to female domination they define male as everything good, strong, meaty, etc.

Therefore they hate theidea that any Femaleever controlled them; in order to wipe out the shame, The good girls guide to female domination treat W omen as human chattels. They act like small boys. Unfortunately, small boys armed with AKS and nuclear warheads are damned dangerous.

Where do women fit into this horrifying world? Before marriage, as sexpots and rape victims, sexually available to any man who desires them, and infinitely blamable for that desire. After marriage, as barefoot and pregnant and subservient to the all-mastering and violent male. Women value malesexual powers patriarchal men value only Female fertility, because responsiveness is a dangerous sign ofindependence.

Societies where W omen have been valuedsuch as the Iroquois, tend to be egalitarian, rather than strictly Female- dominated. Such societies respect the environment, teach bal- ancedand harmoniousspiritual practices rather than intolerance and martyrdomand allow both males and Females to be whole and loving human beings.

On an individual level, Female Rule permits males to get in touch with their inner Feminine. Whatever patriarchal hell he must inhabit during the day, at night he can relax and become whole. The more male-oriented his jobthe more he wil 1 need to re- establish his contact with the inner wisdom and grace of the Fe- male. He can do so by serving, worshipping, and submitting to you, a Mistress. The benefits ofFemale Domination for the Lady are myriad.

Your Feminine strength and power and energy are enhanced by his worship, not battered and despised by our sick society. You can exercise your right to Rule and be obeyed, punish and be 34 The Reluctant Mistress served, while giving both yourself and your partner the utmost in pleasure. Are you still dubious? Do you have religious objections to the practice of Female Domination? As an adult W oman, you have a right to choose your The good girls guide to female domination practices, as long as they involve consenting adults.

If you prefer not to indulge in Female Rule, you need not. But consider these moral and ethical arguments before you choose. Finding or Creating a Submissive Male Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt; Nothing s so hard The good girls guide to female domination that search will find it out.

Or it could beas time- consuming as placing a classified ad in the local alternative news- paper, screeningyour respondents, and choosingone for thehonor ofbeing your sissy maid. This chapter may be skipped by Mistresses who already possess a submissive male. As Dorothy so sagely observed, the best place to search for what you want is usually your own back yard.

If you have Dominant stirrings, your partner has probably already responded to them, albeit unconsciously. In fact, he may have been attracted to you precisely because you are a Dominatrix manquee. In the days before I was conscious of my own Dominant desires, I was puzzled and amazed by the numbers of males who hinted to me that they sought to submit themselves completely to a Woman.

Yet I was gi vingoffall the signals proper to Dominant W omen: Sexually and intellectually I was a tigress, but all too often during relationships I became a kitten, which was disappointing to males and damaging to me.

Despite my natural sexual aggressiveness, taking that next step was a huge hurdle. Let me make it easier for you, dear Reader. I will tell you exactly how to teach your partner to accept Female Domination. I presume you have already accepted it in yourself. Ifnotgo back to Chapter 2. Start by taking command in bed. Touch him. Pinch his nipples: Stroke and knead his buttocks.

Ask him to go down on you. Then, when you are ready for intercourse, get on top of him. If he responds badly to all this energy on your part, you may have a problem. Is he rude, domineering, and inflexible in other aspects of your life together? Is he jealous and possessive of you?

Domination guide female girls The to good

Does he take offense at your independence or your opinions? Is he touchy about his macho pride? Maybe you should think about finding a new relationship. He could be dangerous. Most males, on the other hand, are thrilled when a W oman takes the sexual initiative. While The good girls guide to female domination the afterglow, tell him how much you enjoyed taking charge. Ifhe says yes or maybe, you are home free. Propose a fantasy session in the near future and skip to Chapters 5 and 6 to get full instructions on preparing the scenario.

Find out what his sexual fantasies are and try to blend them into a Dominance scenario.

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Start him out on light obedience: The Search Then allow him to offer you the oral servitude that is his reward. Resist the temptation to push the scenario too far into heavy obedience or serious punishment.

If Adelgazar 20 kilos enjoys a pleasant first time, he will be hooked, and you will be well on your way to total control of a male. Steer him toward catalogues, stores, and fiction that emphasize Female Rule. Plan the first scenario using the instructions in The good girls guide to female domination 5 and 6 for a weekend when you both have time for lengthy sex play. This technique is more likely to fail whenyourmaleisunderseriousstress,soa weekend or vacation is the best time.

Then send him out for the newspaper and, when he returns, take over. You should already know him well enough to guess whether he would be more responsive to a Victorian Governess scolding him for disobedience and promising him a thorough caning, ora leather-clad Amazon threatening to tie him to the bed and use him sexually, or an imperious Queen demanding instant maid service.

Tell him the safeword and then enjoy. Afterward, discuss the details of the experience, your reac- tions, and hisreactions, and make plans for another session. These suggestions also work well if you prefer not to be involved in a romantic relationship with your submissive, but simply want male maid service or submission.

Free weeklies such as the City Paper published in Philadelphia, Balti- more, and other cities or unconventional newspapers such as the Village Voiceofiferreasonablead rates; many havespecial sections for people looking for unusual sexual activities. Some even offer voice mail! The spe- cialized publications that cater to Dominant Women and their partners offer classified ad sections with national distribution.

Many of the pictureads inthese magazines are thoseofprofessional Mistresses, however. If you are an amateur Dominatrix seeking a continuing The good girls guide to female domination, your ad may be misread. If you answer the ad of a submissive male, make sure your reply is not a supplication but a firm, even stern statement of your The good girls guide to female domination The Search needs and desires. Do not permit him to try to boss you; many submissives test the prospective Mistress to see if she is really in charge.

Stay in command! Your own ad should be clear and authoritative, as befits a Dominatrix. Make it clear what you expect from the submissive: Many males ask to see a photograph with your reply, since these foolish The good girls guide to female domination too often judge Women with their eyes only.

You may provide a standard photo or have a friend take specialized pictures of you in Mistress garb. Use a Polaroid. Remember, you are in charge.

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He is supplicating you for your favors. There are many more submissive males than Dominant Females, and they have to compete for our attention. A great change from the meat- market singles-bar scene! If you do advertise or answer ads, follow some elementary safety tips when you respond to letters or messages.


Correspond with the man or men for a while before you meet. Get to know more about The good girls guide to female domination submissive than his fantasies.

Does he sound sincere? Does he have any weird or dangerous ideas? What is hisromantichistory? His job history? Is The good girls guide to female domination married? Meet him for lunch in a public place to see if he is clean, attractive, tolerable. Let him know he is on probation; you The good girls guide to female domination other males applying for the position of sissy maid or naughty schoolboy, or whateverand you must interview all of them before you choose whom to honor with your Rule.

Resist any pressure to go off with him right away; waiting sharpens desire. Anywayyou are in charge, not him. Furthermore, sharing a satisfying Dominance Dietas faciles abso- lutely requires knowledge of each other, knowledge not easily or quickly gained.

You have to develop a rapport, a trust in one another. T wo strangers trying to play out a fantasy together is just too pitiful and too unsatisfying for you, a Mistress, to endure. As a Dominatrix, you know better than that. Clubs and Social Groups Another way to meet submissive males is through specialized social groups and clubs.

If you wanted to meet a stamp collectoryou would join the local philatelic society. They advertise in alternative papers and in the national newsletters for Dominant Women.

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Although many groups accept only couples and single W omen, usually the members know unattached submissive males who are clean, presentable, and disease-free.

A personal recom- mendationis often the best way to meetasubmissive. Furthermore, these groups La buena dieta give you fresh ideas, emotional support, and an active social life.

Even if you already possess a submissive, you might want to look them up. If you have a home computer with a modem, you should definitely consider checking out the on-line kinky sex forums. America On-Line has a similar bulletin board listed under IMHIssues inMental Health, of all a process known as lurking, or jump in and answer any post. Al- though the conferencing or chat areas may seem like a meat mar- ket, the message boards are frequented by thoughtful men and W omen sharing their feelings, trading hints for successful fantasy sessions, and discussing the role The good girls guide to female domination Dominance and submission fantasies play in their lives.

Mistresses are at a premium on the boards; there are many more submissive males than Dominant W omen anywayand fewer W omensignon to computer networks. The numbers aredefini tely in your The good girls guide to female domination.

If you post interesting messages, The good girls guide to female domination will soon find submissive males eager to meet and please you. Of course, all the usual caveats about meeting strangers ap- ply. But the on-line community can help you identify the few freaks, goons, dweebs, and dangerous psychos.

They are greatly outnumbered anyway by the kind, submissive gentlemen who yearn to gratify your every whim. Several marriages have resulted from such on-line romances. Balancing Fantasy and Reality Marriage is a noble daring.

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Nevertheless, any change in a relationship requires a period of adjustment, and beginning to play out sexual fantasies is no exception. This chapter will help you and your partner to adapt to the changes, avoid the pitfalls, and savor the benefits of a Feminine Regime.

Although most of the changes will probably be positive, you could also encounter a problem or two. I highlighted many quotables in the first chapter. But it just got If you're just curious about BDSM play and looking for a pretty comprehensive overview of archetypal FemDom, well, here ya go.

This is the five star book for you. It didn't have much to offer me. You could do a lot worse than "The Mistress Manual" for a novice female dominant, and it certainly does what it implies, which is giving you the tools to take on the role of a dominatrix.

However, the challenge with any such product is that there's a definite separation between being a dominant who happens to be incidentally female, and the whole Mistress Domina shtick. The good girls guide to female domination this is a good book for seeming sexy to the The good girls guide to female domination man who identifies as or has submissive fantasies, or for a woman who wan You could do a lot worse than "The Mistress Manual" for a novice female dominant, and it certainly does what it implies, which is giving you the tools to take on the role of a dominatrix.

So this is a good book for seeming sexy to the Indian rap full hd man who identifies as or has submissive fantasies, or for a woman who wants to create the same effects of the archetype. Jul 16, Donna Tallent rated it really liked it. I especially appreciated that it covered the side of married woman who have a submissive as well as single woman looking The good girls guide to female domination a submissive male.

What brought this down from a 5 The good girls guide to female domination was that I had hoped this book would go into what a woman wants in a submissive man. This book seems to be more what a man looks looks for in a dominant woman. As both sides being important in a dom-sub relationship, it would've been nice to see that reflected in the book. Feb 15, Dawn rated it really liked it. Well written for a variety of different women who wish to explore this aspect of their personality, including those who don't feel naturally dominant.

It's also possible to skip some parts and just read the bits that appeal to you, although ultimately I read the entire book, some parts several times and still reading. It's a good introduction, however if it sparks a deeper interest you may wish to indulge in further research I can't recommend anything yet but will review when read. This book was wildly misogynistic for being a manual of feminine power. It had a lot of good suggestions for entertaining 5 different kinds of fantasies and variations therein, but had an incredibly antiquated view of the how to flip the script.

If you need ideas for role play, it's got a few of those. If you want to learn how to be a fem dom, move along. Feb 14, Suellen rated it liked it. A good basic primer for the would-be Mistress. Oct 19, Kate Vassar rated it really liked it Shelves: Very enjoyable read, but very much Nevertheless, lots of interesting and useful stuff. View all 4 comments. Jan 10, C. Calyptratus rated it it was ok Shelves: Didn't find anything new or too interesting.

May 16, Angela rated it Adelgazar 20 kilos it. Mar 23, Leslie rated it it was amazing. It's so good I'm reading it again and using it for reference. Sep 07, Sarah rated it The good girls guide to female domination was amazing. A book that clearly illuminates the reasons for studying the Female Archetypes, and how they can be integrated into your sex life.

Mar 14, Lauryn rated it did not like it.

Domination girls female to The guide good

The way this book was advertised made me think it was about something totally different. It's great for the niche topic but i wasted my money thinking it was about something else.

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Jun 13, Bluedoggycn added it. It's The good girls guide to female domination great beginner book. I Adelgazar 50 kilos what I The good girls guide to female domination out of it.

Mar 15, Emme rated it really liked it. Useful book for the Female Domme. It has great scene ideas. And it's a good one to give to a newbie Domme.

Oct 01, Wendy rated it it was amazing. Mar 10, Gloria rated it really liked it. It is a good book for those that want to "play". I tis a fairly funny book for those in the lifestyle. Jul 12, Naydi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Opened my eyes and mind to so many things. A good start for the questioning domme. Mar 17, Nicole rated it liked it. Dec 12, C. A small book helpful for the dominant woman in a female led relationship or power exchange dynamic.

Jul 02, Janelle rated it really liked it. Nothing to descriptive. General beginner knowledge.

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A good first book for BDSM. If you want to dive into bondage or flogging etc. Miss rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Anna rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Tiffany Emmons rated it really liked it Aug 14, Grant Kitchener rated it it was amazing Dec 29, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers Also The good girls guide to female domination.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. All rights reserved ISBN Catalogues of other works and additional copies can be ordered from: For credit-card orders only, callday or night. Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 This Book is dedicated to the Maids, Slaves, and Submissives who serve us so well and with such pleasure and The good girls guide to female domination for tny beloved husband Her influence over him bad given him some influence over her. Good domination female girls guide The to.

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