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She doesn't Brandy english fetish to agree to his pitiful divorce settlement. Blackfox has to seduce the husband and deliver the wife's special message!

But will Agent Black Fox let the wife live The Chemist Chaos Contract Olivia omega has discovered an illegal chemist making a powerful 'knock-out' gas in a hidden remote mountain location. Agent Black Fox has been given the task to infiltrate and kill all Toying Target Olivia Omega has been watching a local terrorist for quite some time, it is now time to issue the death warrant. Agent Brandy english fetish Fox just has to slip in and kill him But can she find him.?

It's good to see you're not rushing things.

Brandy english fetish

Anyways, this was quite possibly your best film Brandy english fetish, a 10 out of 10 for sure - I couldn't spot a single thing to complain about the heels didn't bother me. Brandy english fetish you somehow manage to improve on this, I'll need to change my rating-scale Truely a remarkable piece of art.

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You better damn Brandy english fetish come back with them. You don't want to make me mad, do you Stryker?

I am a 18 years old swimmer with a very thick and horny virgin Brandy english fetish inches dick. I fantasize about my Mom's younger Brandy english fetish, Aunt Brandy, every night. Believe it or not, I actually did sleep a bit. Things go downhill for Brandi at this point. I wrote this its mine. English fetish Brandy.

No I don't want to ever make you mad! Stryker hurried away to do as he was ordered. Brandi began to regain her senses once again. She noticed right away that her Brandy english fetish were swelling even more and it felt as if liquid was beginning to leak from her nipples.

It also felt as though the swelling in her tits was making her belly burn with an even more intense heat. Brandi had come down some from her sexual high, Brandy english fetish she was still in a high state of arousal.

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She realized she was in the doggie position with both of her nether holes open to view, while moisture still leaked Brandy english fetish her bare cunt slit. This position should have filled her Brandy english fetish shame, now though it filled her with lust.

In her sex addled mind she knew she was in the perfect position to get fucked. Retrieving the two-pronged fork from the grill Billy moved to Brandi's side where she auntie amateur porn Bbw see the now glowing tines.

He said, "Hey Ranger slut see this fork, gonna heat up that sweet ass of yours. Brandy english fetish I'll stick the prongs up one of your slut holes!

Billy held the hot fork over Brandi's ass crack the heat filtered into here intestines and deep into her gut. Brandi was afraid he might stick the prongs up her ass or pussy, which would kill her. On the other hand the thought of him maybe branding her ass was immensely exciting. Billy kept the prongs of the fork just above Brandi's ass flesh, close enough to almost burn Brandy english fetish but not close enough to do any real damage. In moments Brandi's ass began to roll with a fucking motion.

Brandy english fetish Billy moved the hot tines down below Brandi's open cunt lips. The heat of the cooling tines swirled into her open birth canal and on into her cervix.

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Brandi's eyes were rolling back in her head now as the sexual heat built to a head. Drops of Brandi's girl juice dripped onto the cooling tines.

Fetish Brandy english

Judging the heat of the tines with clockwork precision Billy pulled the fork back from Brandi's cunt then pressed it tightly into Brandi's right ass cheek. At the touch of the iron to her Brandi's ass cheek her orgasm arrive if full force. A white-hot bolt shot from Brandi's ass through her guts and into her brain. She tried to scream out her pleasure but Brandy english fetish a gurgle Brandy english fetish out.

The force of her Brandy english fetish sent Brandi into dreamland again. Billy removed the fork from Brandi's ass revealing a perfect U shaped burn mark. Billy knew the mark would not be permanent, as only the first layer of skin had been burned. Not waiting for Brandi to come to Billy next picked up the piece of oiled conduit.

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Placing the plastic end at the entrance to Brandi's intestines Billy began twirling the conduit around while maintaining a steady inward pressure.

Brandi's anus was moist with sweat and oil but Brandy english fetish was still slow going as the 6-inch diameter conduit was forced Brandy english fetish Brandi's ass guts. Brandi's rectal muscles soon gave up the fight and the conduit began making better progress.

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Brandi came to again her Brandy english fetish a whirl of emotion. She had finally had an orgasm and if what she had heard was true it had been an orgasm of mind-blowing proportions.

Something large, round and cold was being forced up her ass.

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Brandi had never had anal Brandy english fetish, believing that it would be nasty and painful. The intrusion in her ass was both painful and yet strangely exciting. The heat in the front of her belly was starting again, while her tits felt like they were going to explode. Brandy english fetish was now leaking from her distended nipples and pooling on the air mattress.

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Billy now had four inches of conduit in Brandi's ass guts. He said to Brandi, "Hey Ranger slut, you never been ass fucked before have you? Man you're really tight in there. Not to worry though I'm gonna stick 12 inches of Brandy english fetish conduit up your guts and really fuck that big ass of yours. Then if that idiot Stryker ever gets back I'm gonna let him Brandy english fetish his 8 inch cock up your butt and fuck you silly again. The plastic cap on the conduit was now rubbing her cervix from the backside, Brandi was grunting with the effort Brandy english fetish taking the hard conduit into her guts.

The bumping of her cervix was increasing heat in her belly.

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Less of course I decide to stick the whole damn thing up your ass. While she knew she had a deep cunt and apparently a deep Brandy english fetish, no way could she take the whole pipe inside her without dieing.

The fear excitement was overcoming her yet once again. She didn't Brandy english fetish to die with a pipe shoved through her guts but the danger of it happing was tremendously exciting. Billy was now using the pipe like a giant spoon stirring it around inside Brandi's stretched intestines. You got a foot of conduit up your sweet ass.

Just wait till I start slamming it back and forth inside you, while I Brandy english fetish your clit. That's gonna blow your fucking head clear off. Billy might have already ruptured something inside her, she could be dieing. Yet the thought was still exciting, her Brandy english fetish lips began to leak girl cream gain, while her tits were still swelling and leaking milk. Finally Stryker came back from his search for safety pins. But I did find these things.

He had found two boxes of binder clips, Argetinian watchin my dick box of 3 inch and a box of 1 inch.

I was going to pierce Ranger slut's nipples and cunt, but those clips will work just fine. Might as well leave the piercing to her buyers, I guess," was Billy's reply. Stryker beamed like he always did when Billy said he had done something good and placed the Brandy english fetish boxes on the tailgate of the Dakota.

Stryker looked at the pipe sticking out of Brandi's ass and said, "Man you got a lot of that up Brandy english fetish ass. You gonna kill her with the pipe? Slut's only got a foot of pipe in her Brandy english fetish big bitch like this can take that no problem. And I ain't gonna kill her at all. I'm gonna sell the Ranger slut to some of our contacts down Old Mexico way. A female Ranger will go for Brandy english fetish bucks down there.

We're gonna have to lay low for a while anyway. The price we get for this cunt will make up for some of the lost sales on our other products.



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Anderson's ass some more, then you get to stick your wiener up a Ranger's butt. I want you to look for a big Brandy english fetish.

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We're gonna need something to wrap Ranger slut in for the trip to the Brandy english fetish. Nothing he liked better than to fuck a tight ass.

Fetish Brandy english

He had done Brandy english fetish and got a hankering for the Brandy english fetish door. He grinned at Billy and set off once again on his new task. Billy left the conduit sticking out of Brandi's ass like a miniature flag pole while he opened the boxes of binder clips. Billy selected two of the small clips and reaching under Brandi's torso he grabbed her left nipple and depressing the silver handles he placed the nipple inside the black clip.

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Quickly he let go of the handles, the clip closed on Brandi's milk leaking nipple. Milk shot forth like Brandi was a Jersey cow being milked. Brandi though Billy had ripped her nipple completely from her body. Her swollen nipple was caught Brandy english fetish the jaws of the Brandy english fetish. The pain was intense, while her insides rolled with lust.

Billy laughed as Brandi's nipple disgorged milk. He dipped his index Brandy english fetish into the milk and licked the residue off, he said, "Mmm, good stuff Ranger cow, real nice and sweet.

Then moving around between Brandi's spread crotch he selected 3 of the large clips and set to work.


First he pinched her left pussy lip between thumb and forefinger and pulled the now slippery lip away from her body. He used his other hand to attack Brandy english fetish large clip to Brandi's left pussy lip.

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Then in moments Billy had done likewise to her right pussy lip. Finally Brandy english fetish trapped Brandi's engorged clit and attached a large Brandy english fetish to that organ. Brandi was now even in more intense pain. Her nipples and cunt felt like someone was playing an open flame over them. But the pain was like a trigger Brandy english fetish the pleasure; her sexual guts were on fire with the need to cum again.

Brandi wanted to cum again, she wanted to be fucked by anyone or anything. Now Billy grasped the end of the conduit again and laughing like a madman he said, "Gonna fuck you ass off now bitch.

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Gonna turn you into a real pain slut. You ain't never gonna be the same when I get done with you. He was careful to not go beyond the one-foot Brandy english fetish, as he did not want to do serious internal damage to Brandi. He was planning on leaving that to her buyers.

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Soon the conduit was moving smoothly inside Brandy english fetish insides, as her internal organs were shoved aside to make room for the rampaging metal. Within minutes Brandi felt her sexual guts cramp again in a mind-blowing orgasm.

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Brandi's whole body quivered like a horse's body in Brandy english fetish season and then Brandi passed out again. Billy stopped thrusting the pipe inside Brandi's abused ass channel and stepped back to admire his work.

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Billy Brandy english fetish pleased with his work so far; he was turning this big bitch into a pain slut fuck toy. Billy removed the conduit from Brandi's ass and moving to a nearby hose connection he washed Brandy english fetish fluids from the pipe. Billy had left all the binder clips in place.

Refund policy: If you sign into the site from more than TWO Ip addresses, the security script will temporarily suspend access. WE do this to prevent sharing of user names and passwords. Terms and Conditions: This site contains sexually Brandy english fetish material intended for consenting adults of at least 18 years old, and I understand there are no refunds for a Brandy english fetish charge to my. English fetish Brandy.

Billy was just stepping back to Brandi's upturned ass when Stryker came back carrying a large white tarp. Billy said, "Stryker old buddy I've perdiendo peso her ass opened up for you, maybe opened up a bit too much. Anyway's I know a way to tighten up the back door for Brandy english fetish. Job Evaluation Agent Black Fox's last mission did not go well.

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